We are part of a larger extraordinary group of ordinary individuals who believe we can create alternate histories for kids and therefore change the world. We are people who decided to take the time we have on this planet to restore things to the way they were meant to be. We wish to bring life and flourishing to children, our local community and our world.


Johnston Moore
(Co-founder and Executive Director)

John has been married to Terri since 1988. They have seven children, all of whom were adopted through the Los Angeles County foster care system. John is a strong believer in, and vocal advocate for, permanency and justice for children, having witnessed the impact both have had on his children. John enjoyed a career in Hollywood in film/tv production and as a screenwriter before becoming fully immersed in adoption and foster care ministry, first through his employment at Hope for Orphans, and now through Home Forever. One of the writers of the recent feature movie CAMP, John continues to write, mainly on issues related to adoption and foster care. John is a nationally-recognized speaker on adoption and foster care issues. He and his family (and former church) were featured on CBS’s A Home for the Holidays in December 2012, John and his sons appeared on the Dr. Phil Show in October 2012, and John appeared on the series “Raising Whitley” (Oprah Winfrey Network) in March 2014. John and his family reside in the Richmond, VA area.

Eric Churchill PhD
(Co-founder and President)

Eric is a husband, dad, scientist and an advocate. He believes that philanthropy, advocacy, volunteerism and social entrepreneurship are the generators that create change and that we should try to integrate these activities, to some degree, into our daily lives. He has worked extensively with non-profit organizations focused on education and caring for the marginalized. His non-profit interests and expertise includes start-up activities, capacity building, international program development and board governance. Outside of his non-profit activities, he worked ~10 years as an academic researcher and is currently working as a scientific liaison between academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry.

Stacy Dybas
(Advocate/Community Support, Special Projects)

Stacy has served with both non-profit organizations and ministries committed to bringing healing and hope to children. From her time with street children and youth in Lima, Peru to work on behalf of homeless children and families in downtown Long Beach, she has seen firsthand the need to advocate for those who are often forgotten, and the impact of love given in the midst of brokenness. These experiences have born in her the desire for others to understand and respond to the needs of vulnerable children here and around the world. Stacy is a wife and mom, who believes we all have something to give and there are many creative ways to help.